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About Me

I refer to Myself as a Professional Lifestyle Dominatrix. I’ve chosen this seemingly dichotomous term because I Am first and foremost a lifestyle practitioner. I live and breathe through My experiences and continuously seek to explore this art form more deeply. I view each new dynamic as a new learning experience and enjoy delving deeply into what makes you tick.

My practice is holistic and integrative. This means I work best when I have a sense of what you're seeking and creative freedom to build the experience most beneficial your interests and goals or the dynamic itself. As this differs from person to person, the approach I take with each dynamic is as unique as the psyche into which I Am delving.

I particularly enjoy recurring, cohesive sessions that build upon each other. Broad examples of this could include such things as a custom-built training program or working with a particular activity you want to explore more deeply, possibly including expanding limits or reframing your thoughts around old wounds. I find sessions booked with this intention help to build a strong foundation of trust and mutual understanding, allowing us to get excellent results. 


Trauma-Informed Kink Professional

When not processed properly, trauma and chronic stress become “stored” or “stuck” in the body. By becoming more aware of the physical sensations in our body, we begin to be able to identify and work through these areas of tensionI practice an interdisciplinary, healing craft using a variety of somatic practices — practices that work with the body — to help expand your bodily awareness and begin the process of healing on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level.


When working with triggering topics, there is always the risk of retraumatization. I do include a brief psychological history in My intake, please include as much additional information as your comfort level dictates. 


I Am not your therapist, though I do roleplay for those interested. If you feel you may benefit from mental health care, I strongly suggest you also consider reaching out to a licensed mental health worker to support you. There are plenty who have experience working with kinky clients. 

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