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Sessions with Madame

Red Label ​​

45 min $475 | 60 min $650

Choose either 45 or 60 minutes, share your session interests and I will craft the perfect session for a BDSM treat.

This is also a great option for building a beginners training regimen or exploring a specific fetish.


Black Label ​​ 

90 min $900 | 2 hrs $1200

These custom crafted sessions are the perfect option is for those longing to go deeper in their exploration. You will fill out two questionnaires that will help Me plan My  specific approach. This level is ideal for beginning a healing journey through their practice.


Gold Label ​​ 

3 hrs $1700 | $600 per ad'l hr

Truly the Gold Standard. We will share a meal while we get to know each other more deeply before exploring our session chemistry. Alternatively, you may choose to forgo the meal portion in favor of deep healing +$100.


The Executive ​​ 

Overnight | $7500

The ultimate submissive experience... spend the night in My lair. Reserved for those who have earned the invitation, the clock disappears during this incredible transformation from mundane to slave. Each session will follow Madame's whims based on the nature of the dynamic and the interests of the sub.

Madame's Couples Retreat ​​ 

2.5hrs $2300 | $300 per ad'l 30m

A flexible experience depending on your relationship dynamics. We can develop a scene for your sub, you can both explore submission together, or we can find some other arrangement – whether you're visiting for fun or seeking something a bit deeper, we'll be able to find a flow that works for us!

DC • Philadelphia • Anywhere

As of July 2022, I have a newly established studio space right outside Washington DC. This is a very exciting chapter for Me and I welcome you to come share in it! Plan for street/garage parking if coming by car. The area is also very easily accessible via the metro.

If meeting in My studio space seems a bit intimidating, I also offer hotel incalls for an additional $150. I will arrange all of the accommodations and give you a taste of Madame's Traveling Dungeon. This is a great option if DC is a bit of a drive from you!

I regularly travel up to Philadelphia, especially if you give Me a compelling reason. Reach out and get on the schedule for My next trip.

Outside the DC/MD/VA area? You may sign up to receive travel updates and have the first opportunity to book the next time I Am in your city. I may indulge travel requests for those who are interested in seeing Me in their city sooner rather than later.


First Session

During your first session we will explore a variety of shared interests, allowing you to get a sense of My style and Me to get a better sense of your tastes. From there, we will discuss how you would like to continue to move forward, for example: if there are any areas you're looking to specifically explore or if there is a particular goal you're seeking.

I do love getting dinner or coffee, or dare I say drinks, to start a session. It's a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other before jumping into the dynamic. This is a great option for those seeking deeper connections as well as those who may be a bit nervous about a first meeting. If this sounds appealing, choose My Gold Label option or request to begin with coffee or drinks with My Black Label option for an additional sacrifice.

How I Dress for Sessions

My style ranges from jeans and a tank top to full-glam Domme: corsets, fishnets, boots, the works. How I dress for our sessions will depend on My mood and what I feel is best for our activities. If you have preferences about the level of dress in-scene — i.e. more casual versus full-fantasy Domme — or any kinks around fabrics, you will have the opportunity to share that with Me during the application process. I do not take outfit requests but I will take your preferences into consideration.

Mme Lenora (3).jpg

Madame’s Kink Wall

The task of trying to build an exhaustive kink list is Sisyphean. Between one's own personal kink journey and the periodic surge of public interest in a certain area, there’s forever an accounting of kinks—adding some here, letting outgrown practices go. Below is a sampling list for you to browse. If you have an interest that is not on this list, you may mention it so long as you do so respectfully.


First, a word on limits: 

Limits grow and expand as trust deepens; they shift and change as we walk along our path. For this reason, the discussion of limits will be ongoing through the course of our dynamic.

Some find it difficult to identify their limits. If this is true for you, try to think about the emotions or sensations you do not want to feel while we’re together and what types of things might make you feel that way. Even if you’re just able to give Me “normal life” examples of such negative-for-you experiences, that should be enough for a starting point.


My Session Limits


  • Permanent harm or disfigurement 

  • Abusive, dangerous, or harmful dynamics

  • Sex

  • The use of cologne or heavily perfumed products prior to our appointment

    • Arrive clean but relatively scentless

And now for the fun...

Anal training

Ball Busting




Bladder Control

Blood Play



Breath Control








Consensual Non Consent (CNC)


Cum eating

Cumming on body


Denied Privacy

Dildo Sucking


Edge Play


Enclosed Spaces





Fear Play


Flame Play

Foot Worship

Forced Bi/Gay

Forced Gagging

Forced Nudity


Gender Play





Impact Play


Medical Play

Nipple Stimulation

Orgasm Control

Outdoor Play


Panty Sniffing/Tasting

Pet Play


Piss Play

Psychological Play

Rape/Force Play

Religious Play

Role Play



Sensory Play and/or Deprivation


Shoe Worship







Watching Self

Hot Wax




Though I enjoy every aspect of My sessions, I do particularly enjoy the following

Ball Busting

Breath Control

CNC Play & other edge play such as

  • Blackmail 

  • Blood Play

  • Forced Intoxication


Cruelty/Sadism Not limited to physical pain, let’s get creative


Intentional and Healing Work

Limit Exploration/Consensual Boundary-Pushing

Psychological Play

Smoking  I Am a non-smoker though I enjoy accommodating this fetish

Unique and Intriguing Roleplay


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