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About you

A successful time together relies on your ability to submit to Me.


I do not session with people who Top from the bottom or seek to overpower Me in any form.


While sass or backtalk from an established submissive can elicit a swift kick enjoyed by both parties, new submissives looking to earn their place in My service would be wise to be obedient and well-mannered. If, after sufficient corrective measures have been taken, a submissive is deemed to be too difficult to continue training or working with, I will not hesitate to terminate the dynamic.

Standards for submissives

These are the standards to which I hold Myself. I expect the same of those who wish to serve Me.


Understand that this dynamic is built upon mutual trust and understanding.

Have honor and integrity.

Be honest and upfront at all times, especially with yourself.

Have the ability to admit when you were wrong, mistaken, or misunderstood something.

Possess a desire to better yourself.

Hold reverence for Me and an inherent respect for the dynamic.

Required Qualities

In no particular order:










Possess integrity

Intelligent, or, at the very least, value intelligence

A desire for vulnerability, to be known and seen


What else do you have to offer?

Submissives who wish to provide service in the form of a profession, trade, or vocation are some of My favorites! Even if I may not require your skills at the present moment, I enjoy having a collection of individuals I know I can rely on for good service.


I will occasionally consider barter agreements for professionals who are verifiably educated and/or licensed to their industry standards if or when I have need of services you may offer. Do not assume I will be interested in your trade offer, it is a perk for trusted, loyal subs, not a method of payment.

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