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A brief word on My philosophy...


There are many words used for the exchange and flow of money. The one I choose to use for My practice is Sacrifice — the surrender of something collectively agreed upon as valuable for something one deems worthy. For some, the word may conjure images of worshippers laying down exquisite gifts and rare resources. For others, it evokes thoughts more akin to the spilling of blood or the scourging of flesh for one’s numen. 


Neither one seems too far from the truth of what happens here: The resource of money being offered in hopes of good favor by one Superior. And the scourging of flesh, of course. 


As many who will come across these words already know, there is some discourse around the exchange of money in this type of dynamic. While there are many things I could say in support of this exchange, the most salient being that this is a big component of My fetish, I’ll leave you with this one:


By holding this experience as significant and — quite literally — valuable, you are more easily able to disengage from the mundane. In using this time to release those things you maintain for normalcy’s sake, you are able to let go and allow yourself the freedom to fulfill the purpose of our session. 


Due to its moment in the spotlight, financial domination has earned a mention here: 


Not all dynamics I engage in include this sort of play. When I do, I practice legitimate, safe, and authentic financial domination: a power exchange using money as a tool. Just as with any other fetish practice, how this presents between two people will be as unique as the two people themselves.


Thus, if you find yourself even slightly inclined towards the FinDom realm, tell Me what an appealing form of this dynamic would look like, feel like, really be like for you. Let’s start there and see where we end up.


Financial domination can be as simple as your Mistress buying a cup of coffee.


There are a number of activities in this realm I particularly enjoy, such as

  • Savings Building/Goal Setting

  • Card/Account Access

  • Budget Control

  • Blackmail

Though not expected, gifts are always appreciated.

Below is a sample of offerings that are sure to please.

Chocolate Covered Caramels

Milk chocolate strongly preferred

Reese's Fastbreak

Mike & Ikes

Mini M&Ms

Bath Products


One of My hobbies is building bouquets.

Find a few different types of flowers that inspire you &

I will arrange them to My liking.




Gift Cards

  • Book stores

  • DSW

  • Etsy

  • Office supplies

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